Our Story


Just Love was founded by husband and wife team Andy Krupp and Pamela Bratton-Wallace Krupp. They are longtime elementary school educators who also make a practice of volunteering weekly serving children, families, the environment and their community.


The Just Love Story:

Just Love had its simple beginnings in a quiet moment of reflection. Seeing the many difficulties present in the world today, and answering the many questions that our young students had about those difficulties, we were considering ways that we could be helpful in meaningful and lasting ways. Many thoughts came to mind, and we soon realized that at the core of each of our thoughts and solutions was love, just simply loving.

Then the inspiring words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa came to mind. These people had the extraordinary gift of communicating the simple message to just love in clear, beautiful and inspiring ways. To us, it seemed as if the world only needed to be reminded to love, and the powerful words from these incredible people seemed like a very good place to begin.

So the idea for Just Love was born and as often happens in life (or at least in our lives) it had to wait for that moment where our busy lives would calm down enough for us to begin. Many decisions were made to start our work with Just Love and then delayed. After a time, quite mysteriously, we began finding that almost everything we read or everyone we spoke to would for some reason say "just love" to us. Then one day when we came home to a copy of our favorite magazine, showcasing a beautiful picture of Dr. Martin Luther King on the cover and in big, bold letters were the words "All we need is love". Needless to say we got the message, began our work with Just Love and we are very grateful to be sharing this work with you today.

Our intention with Just Love is to water the seeds of all that is good with our work, wherever we may find them- making that good stronger. We thank you so much for your support and all you do to make our world a better place.

Pam and Andy